Biography for

Reverend Barry D. Givner


       Barry D. Givner is a native of Pittsburgh, PA.   During his twenty-five years in ministry he has served as the Interim Pastor of an independent church and the Senior Pastor of two Baptist churches.  He continues to serve as an Associate Pastor, teacher and member of the prayer ministry at the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, PA under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Williams H. Curtis.

            Rev. Givner has been a volunteer and supporter of the Salvation Army and the Light of Life Rescue Mission located in Pittsburgh, PA for the last ten years.  He has served as a Chaplain’s Assistant at the Allegheny County Jail providing instruction and pastoral care for the male inmates.  He is a certified instructor with Evangelism Explosion International founded by the late Dr. D. James Kennedy, considered by many to be the most popular and widely used evangelistic training curriculum in church history.  Rev. Givner has received several other awards and academic honors.

            In July of 2016, Rev. Givner was appointed as the first International Chaplain of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Incorporated, a college organization founded at Morgan State University in 1962 as an alternative to mainstream Black Greek fraternities during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.  He is a Lifetime Member and now serves as the spiritual leader of 40 thousand plus members with chapters at colleges and universities throughout the United States, Africa and the United Kingdom.

            Before becoming a full-time pastor and Evangelist, he worked in the banking industry for 25 years.  He attended Duff’s Business Institute.  He is a graduate of Harty Bible School, Pittsburgh, PA.  He received a B.S. Degree in Christian Leadership from Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA and Master of Divinity Degree from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Reverend Givner is currently completing his Doctoral studies, having recently attended Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. 

He is married to Joyce E. Staley-Givner and they have four children and five grandchildren.  They also have three God-sons.

            His preaching and teaching are informed, relative, culturally sensitive and life-altering for men and women of every age.  Whether it’s making Old Testament truths come to light in the New Testament, or making practical the teachings of Jesus, Rev. Givner strives to adhere to sound doctrine and scriptural integrity when sharing the Holy Word of God.  He states, “It’s the Word that liberates, heals brokenness and brings wholeness in preparation for the Lord’s return.”  Additionally, he provides biblical counseling for couples and individuals.

            His passion is preaching, reflected in his timely messages, are impacting congregations in the United States and abroad.  In a world where thousands are living with fear, high levels of stress and are disgruntled, Rev. Givner knows that only the Word of our God can provide hope and a favorable future in these hectic and unpredictable times.