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Rev. Givner preaching @ Triedstone Baptist Church 
Rankin, PA on 9/25/2022
“Bringing Your A-Game”
Sermon begins at 1:07:33 
Rev. Givner preaching @ New Hope Evangelical Christian Church, 
Pittsburgh, PA on  8/28/2022
“A Sanctified Arrogance” Psalm 23:1
Rev. Givner preaching @ Abyssinian Capernaum Baptist Church,
Penn Hills PA on 7/31/2022
     Rev. Givner preachng @
  New Hope EPC Church
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Rev. Givner preaching @ Triedstone Baptist Church, Rankin, PA on 9/2/2018
Colossians 1:13-14
Rev. Givner preaching @ Cornerstone Church
Baptist Pittsburgh, PA on 9/9/2018
“Jesus is Talking, But Are You Listening?”
Rev. Givner preaching @ Christian Tabernacle Church
on 9/30/2018
“Don’t Try to Hide Yur Kings”
Joshua 10:1-5
Sis. Joyce Givner singing “In Christ Alone”.
Reverend Givner Preaching @Abyssinian Capernaum Baptist Church, on March 15, 2020
“Free Yo Mind”
2 Timothy 3:15-16​Rev. Givner preaching @ Mt Calvary Baptist Church, Wilkinsburg, PA on 4/5/2020
“What You Gonna Do With Jesus”
John 12:12-19
Rev. Givner preaching @ Cornerstone Baptist Church
Pittsburgh, PA on 7/15/2018
“A Santified Arrogance”
Psalm 23:1
Rev. Givner @ Cornerstone Baptist Church, Rankin, PA on 11/11/2018
“Thank You, But No Thank You”
Jonah 1:1-2
Rev. Givner @Cornerstone Baptist Church
Rankin, PA on 3/24/19
“God, I didn’t Sign Up For This”
Jonah 1:3
Rev. Givner preaching @ New Life Christian Church, Bloomfield, New Jersey
on July 7, 2019
Phil 3: 13-14
“Now What?”