Greetings, in the Name of Jesus
to the supporters, friends, and family of
BDG International  Ministries.

We pray God’s richest blessings over your lives, as you remain vigilant amid a

continuing pandemic and chaotic times. BDG International Ministries is conducing our 4 th
Annual Fundraiser to support the following charities and orphanages:

Heart of Dorcas Orphanage, Numan, Nigeria

Kapwa Wholeness Foundation, Numan, Nigeria

Great Mission International Children’s Home, Teshie, Accra-Ghana

Creek Ventures Ltd Women’s Ministry, Jinja, Uganda

Light of Life Rescue Mission, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Salvation Army, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The global economic crises brought on by wars, political turmoil, pandemics, and increasing

poverty rates has exacerbated the crucial need for basic food supplies, clothing, shelter, and

medical equipment for the charities in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda*.
Your donations will also

provide hot meals, clothing, and hygiene products for the homeless and families in need locally

via Salvation Army and Light of Life Rescue Mission, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Please prayerfully consider donating any amount to BDGIM to further our mission in providing
aid to poor and needy children and families, both locally and globally.

Log onto BDG International, then click on “Giving” and select the

charity/organization tab you wish to donate to. One hundred percent of all monies received are

given to the designated charity/organization.
Donations can be made via PayPal or Cash App

Barry D. Givner International Ministries is a Non-Profit religious organization and donations are


Please partner with God and us as we demonstrate the “Love of Jesus Christ” and spread the

“Good News.” Thanking you in advance.


In His Service

Rev. Barry D. Givner


*The charities in African countries of Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda are NGO’s (Non-

Governmental Organizations) meaning they exist and function solely from the free-will

donations and support of BDGIM and other charitable organizations.